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my four year Haunting
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2008 4:51 pm    Post subject: my four year Haunting Reply with quote

my hubby,three children and i moved into a new home almost 6 years ago....from day one,i noticed things wernt right some how..

our middle son used to wake through the night often in our old house..and for peace sakes we used to let him sleep in our it was a almost nightly occurance,half the time we didnt even open our eyes..we would just pull the covers back as if to say "hop in then" after he let us know he was awake..

so during this first night in our new home..i heard him walk in our room..and as clockwork i pulled the covers back to allow him in..he didnt get suddently dawned on me he was in new surroundings and thought he may be confused on where he i got out of bed to aid i got out of bed,i saw no-one..i went out my room into the kids rooms..and found all three fast asleep...i wasnt sure what to think,but thought it wasnt untill i went back into my room it hit bare feet on the floor boards hadnt made the sound i heard coming in the room........i had heard heavy stepa as if with shoes on...

after this first odd night..i picked up a wiered feeling about the house..its worth saying here i am sensitive to spirit and have been most of my life..but this was very the beginning i couldnt explain the way i just wasnt right if that makes sense..

within days of living there,i would see things...little sparkly lights and orbs flit across rooms or dissapear out of doorways and walls..i thought i was going nobody else seem to notice..

my home was strange in the internal feeling/atmosphere..walking in was could either go straight ahead and be in the sitting room which was popular for seeing flits of what looked like ppl/shadows going past,these light anomolies i have mentioned,but barr that i was comfortable cld turn right into my kitchen..this was my main room as it is big..i spend more time in there than the siting room to entertain and smoke etc..but even in there things wld happen or feeling would be kettle wld boil on its own..didnt happen often,but enough to be noticed..but once again when i was on my own..i started to question my own sanity about what was happening..i even bought a new kettle in case it was a fault and i was worrying over nothing..then this day my brother in law came round..we were chatting over a coffee and he swung round.."the kettles just turned on,by itself" he said..well that to me was first witness to something that to date i only experienced..

my stair case is on two levels (not straight up in one go)..going up the first level of about 6 stairs the atmosphere changed dramatically for me..i couldnt say why or how..just it wasnt nice (well at first anyhow)..turning onto the second level was was like walking into a thick fog..not visually just fely "heavy" and the top of my stairs was my oldest sons room at the time..a small room with not alot of our boys wld play on the playstation in there often..and it was in this room thatmy youngest son started telling me casually about a man who wld watch him whilst on the computer..i didnt take much notice at first..doh!! as he didnt seem bothered..i also took some piccys of the room once when it was decorated and found about 50 i know i dont believe most orbs to be of paranormal nature,but this amount was def worth looking at..and they varied in size,colour and shape....

going along the passage,you find two cupboards before the doorway to the next room which is mine..i never liked the feel i got walking along the landing upsairs was cupbaord was the water boiler and the other just for space which backed into the cupboard in the other room...

my room..i decoarted this room lovely..and thought i had one room which i could relax in,soft lilac colours and a four poster bed draped to the heavens..this was my room..where no fear could set in...
not long after moving in..i started to wake through the night for no reason..when i did,i was paralysed..i could always think and move my eyes..but couldnt move or shout out...i would also get the feeling of an invisible pressence being in the room with me..honestly speaking most of the time i would screw my eyes up so i didnt see anything if it was there....this could happen once in a blue moon..or maybe twice in one night..days weeks could go by without it happening..then it all changed and it became almost a nightly occurance sometimes as much as 6 times in one night...i was physically exhausted..

this other night i woke again..and heard a voice say "heres the boy" it was quite lous as if someone was there saying it..i lay there thinking what boy..and who the hell said
as this was heard i happened to be lying on my side..and the back of my nightie was twisted as if in a knot and pulled over the bed slightly..iwasnt yanked out of bed..but i def moved...i was petrified..but like all other experiences it soon lovely dream room didnt seem much of a comfort for me anymore..

the next room was the boys room........I AVOIDED THIS ROOM LIKE THE PLAGUE..
the only way i can describe this room is to was alive..
at times i couldnt go in the room,it was like their was an invisible forcefield stopping me...and on the occasions i had no choice to go was horrendous....walking in made an instant buzzy,staticy,electricy feeling,my hackles would go up,i would feel tremendous negativity in there..and often enough i would walk out backwards,fearing to turn my back on what was there...i avoided this room like the plague..i wouldnt go in to make beds,tidy up,put clothes away..nothing..i even started hating myself for my lack of parenting skills as during the night if the lil one got up,i would do my best to make him come to me and not the other way round....

things in the house went from bad to worse...activity changed..but this time i had to take notice...

my youngest son..who often mentioned this man..started to get scared..he claimed he saw what he described as a "monster man" or a "man with a mask" come out of my room and walk down the top passage towards the bathroom.....he also claimed this man hid in his cupboard and came out of it many times...this man never spoke to him,but made himself known by showing himself to him..

on another occasion my eldest son barring in mind hes 15..was lying on his bed ...the way his bed was he could have full view of the first stairs..he said for some reason something caught his eye..when he looked he saw a big (saucer size) illuminated coloured ball move up the stairs..he thought it was going to come to he backed up against his wall unable to speak out..what puzzled us all on his claims was that this ball of light that he feared was coming for him,then suddenly changed direction and went back down the way it had came..even turning the corner onto the next set of stairs...

i would also wake smelling smoke during the night..the first time i thought the house was on smelt similar to burned toast...the house was fine after checking it out,but i remained puzzled over it..this happened many many times..and after the first few i knew it wld soon pass and we wernt in any danger at all..(i have also posted about how this smokey aroma saved my son)..i could never work out why this happened,but knew it was down to what was going on in the house..

the most frightening experience was yet to come...this night i woke in bed..i was positioned in bed which made my duvet cover hide most of my face..but my eyes were exposed and i was lying on my side..which was an advantage....
as i opened my eyes i saw a full blown solid man standing at the bedroom doorway.........i went into auto pilot and thought we had been burgled..i then thought of "crimewatch uk tv show)..and had to make a split second decision..either let him know i have seen him,and put us in a vulnerable position or pretend i was asleep still and let him get what he wants then that was exactly what i did..pretend to be asleep...because of the way i was positioned,i cld peek with my eyes to see him..but he wouldnt have seem me doing periodically i would peek to see what was going on..and to my suprise after doing this a few times..he was still again ratinal thinking..i assumed he was maybe keeping an eye on us..while another person was taking things from downstairs (logical thinking you again i peeked a few more times..then suddenly this man was gone....

i left it a good 10-15 mins enough time for the men to be well clear of the house before i woke up hubby....when i did and he checked the house..nobody had taken anything or entered that night...this was when i realised this man i saw and thought was a burgular was indeed the culprit to what i was experiencing in my home..I HAD SEEN THIS SPIRIT MAN FOR THE FIRST TIME..

about a month later i saw him again,as if having a action replay same situation etc...this time as i saw him i knew he wasnt a burgular...he was a solid man..but the odd thing was i couldnt see any facial features at this point..
the third and last time i saw him,i nearlly broke my husbands finger,we were in bed..and he came out of the boys room and past our doorway he was fast..but wasnt running if that makes sense....

there is more i could add but it would take a lifetime..and as i am writing my own book after new year on my experience with this,you will have to wait and work one night a collegue (mates knew all about my activity) suggested i get help proffesionally....i asked i didnt quite trust mediums as i had one before claim to rid my home of this person...he handed me a paper cutting....and this is where my life began...

i sought the help of itvs haunted homes team....haunted homes was a septemberfilms production that involved 6 normal families that think they are having paranormal activity in their homes...

what they offered was to have a film crew and paranormal investaigation team come and stay with us for a few days..and see if anything is picked up at all...then have two proffesionals ..they were
proffessor chris french
and psychic mia dolan state their views on things.....

although chris french didnt think anything paranormal was going on..he did refuse on national to spend the night in the boys i challenged him..bless him..

but mia was concerned...she said i had a haunting and was experiencing polterguist avtivity.she basically confirmed all what had happened to me and the children.....

she shed light on what had been happening and who by..
it turns out that the spirit was a man afterall..named jack
he was minor and had died as the result of a shaft fire..the house was built on old mines too....
this could give reason for me smelling smoke.....he was grounded here as he was blamed by word of mouth by othes and survivers that he had caused the fire that took not only his but othe mens lives...he wanted his name cleared and the truth to be heard......he was severely burned in the fire..which also gives reason why a child would describe him as being a "moster man" or "man with the mask"......he apparantly told mia he would never harm the children but had to use scare tactics as i wasnt taking notice of him..i was..i just didnt know at the time this spirit could have been wanting attention for help..i just saw it as being a threat to me and the family and he was doing a pretty good job at scareing the hell out of me....she also told me i was very psychic but at that time lacked knowledge and understanding on some aspects of it..this man jack..knew he cld get to me..and did so for his own betterment..just a shame looking back he was asking for help for four years before he got it....

that night mia performed a clearing ceremony and succesfully guided jack to where he belonged.....

as part of the agreement to the show it was aired on national tv,and has actually been repeated now 3 times...we were contacted by papers and magazines..but didnt go public on this matter as we had to think of the kids at the time...i know going on the show made some awareness to it all and publicised our story..but i felt this was our only option in finally stopping what was happeningand get our lives back to normal.. the two youngest kids wernt present when filming was done and have never watched it..but some day i will tell them all about their new home when they were younger....

mia has also published our story and her findings in her new book "hauntedhomes" she covers all 6 families in it..and what she encountered..
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 21, 2008 4:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

So has all the spooky stuff stopped now and does the house feel ok?

Great reading!
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