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PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2006 10:48 pm    Post subject: PALOS VERDES POLTERGEIST. in the year 1968 Reply with quote

I am relating an encounter I had with a poltergeist during 1968 in Rancho Palos Verdes, California when I was twelve years old. While visiting some Jewish friends aged 10, 12, and 14 I was left alone in their TV room briefly.
Suddenly, I had a strong feeling that I was being watched but I knew no one else was present. Out of sheer fear and stubbornness I refused to turn around and acknowledge the presence in the room.

The next thing I knew a large rock weighing at least ten pounds that was resting on the lower shelf of a bookcase behind me started rocking back and worth making quite a racket. No other objects in the room had moved.

Springing to my feet I whirled around and confronted the spirit. It's hard to explain but I could see him in my mind but I was not seeing him with my eyes. He was wearing a white tee shirt, jeans, sneakers with no socks, and had longish brown hair. The poltergeist was looking me as if he wanted me to do something for him or to tell me something. "Leave me alone! You have no right to be scaring me like that." I told him.

After that statement my friends' mother walked into the room. I told Mrs. Lazaroff what had happened. "Oh, that's our ghost. He moved into our house from next door after he died. He flicks on the lights, moves things, and rattles doorknobs all the time. He's harmless." My friends confirmed that these things had been going on for a while.

I went home soon after, shaken by my experience. My father told me that a young man who was married had committed suicide with a gun in his garage and that when his wife came home from work she found him. Apparently he was very thorough and it was a gruesome scene. The wife immediately sold the house and moved away. The ghost moved next door where all the children were going through puberty and the poltergeist activity started. Perhaps he was lonely.

My father's theory was that the ghost wanted people to pray for and think of him because he took his own life. I felt this young man was trapped between this life and the next. I don't know his name but I have never forgotten him. I hope that by now the young man has found peace and haunts no more.

I think of him often.

by Tanya Wales
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scared sandy?

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 1:35 pm    Post subject: Re: PALOS VERDES POLTERGEIST. in the year 1968 Reply with quote

hi tanya, just read your story, iam on this forum as scared sandy i wrote in telling about a ghost my daughter had on one month ago, well last night being bonfire night we was over the cousins house and there was a lot of other relatives and my daughter was talking about the things that was happing in the house that she has just left, and our relatives said it sounds more like a poltergist, can you tell me if it was these wasthe things happing,, she moved there may 06 tempary off of the housing first the kitchen light use to go on and off we thought nothing of it until it kept happening, then her 2 msall boys age 2 and 4 would go up stairs to play with the toys and on this perticular day she heard a almighty scream when she ran up there the boys said theres a man and she said where and looked in all three bedrooms ....nothing and then the 4 year old was at school and the 2 year old went up stairs after a while my daughter heard him talking to someone he came down and said in his baby voice man talk me she said what man he said man with hat on anyway as the days past we visited her and my husband her dad went up stairs to the loo in the dark as he did not bother with the light when he came down he was quite i said whats wrong he said nothing anyway we had our visit and went home, still things was happing in her house the youngest boy screamed out and she was up the stairs but still did not see anything the baby said the man talk me again and clung on to my daughter he would not go up there again a week or so past and my husband said i have something to tell you but dont tell diane,,, my daughter i said what he said last week when we went to dianes house i was in the loo and something pushed me in the back then when i turned around it breathed in my earhole well i did not tell diane as this would realy scare her she rang me and said mum i went up stairs to get a pillow because the baby fell asleep on the sofa when i leaned over the bed and grabbed the pillow this breathing noise came to my earhole i said dont be silly its the air vents , i still did not say anything well tanya dishes started to rattle on the sink in the night and a glass smashed to the floor so my daughter got up oh by the way she started sleeping on the sofa and she closed the kitchen door this was on friday the 13th october early hours of the morning after she shut the door the whole of the house lights went out because she tryed them, she rang us up terrified she is a lone parent with the 3 boys in a great big old three bedroom house she told us about the lights i said maybe a power cut she said no it is not she said come and get me and the boys i said close your eyes it will be daylight soon then she said i can se orbs she went under the electric cupbaord which is in the living room and i was saying to her can you see any switch that has tripped she said no.. anyway to cut a long story short she went to sleep next day she got up we came and visited her these are the things that was going on she has 3 boys age 9 age4 age 2 all of them see something but my daughter only had something breath near her and a stroking of her hair the children told us theres a man and a lady the man wears a hat my young granson said to me the lady is like nana and i sat on her lap then man held her hand and they went out door when me and my daughter was there not my husband the kids was with us i said if ther is someone ther can you please ring the doorbell and my god the door bell rang. then when dinner was being made the light went off i said outaloud again please dont turn the light off i can not see to cook and the light came back on . but my daughter done some investagating she asked the lady across the rosd who use to live ther she pointed my daughter to the house 4 doors awy from my daughter and my daughter said do you mean that lady with the bike she said yes well diane always speaks to this woman she went to her house and knocked at the door and ask the lady did some one die in that house iam in and she replied yes my dad and the lady said have you been haering or seeing things diane said yes and diane said where did he die and she said in the bath diane said who is the lady she said my mum well dianes children were certantly phsicic,, but its left my daughter a nervouse wreck... there is still some more to tell but it will take to long anyone on this site is welcome to mail me and i will finish off the eeray things that was happening and just to think its in the year 2006 and only a couple of weeks ago the main object of me coming on the poltergist site is that our relatives said if the ghosts were poltergist they can follow you in books and old wood IS THIS TRUE SOME ONE PLEASE TELL US IT IS NOT......sandy Twisted Evil
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 10:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sandy, sounds like the previous tenant didn't want to leave the house. Again, would be interesting to communicate with them...
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