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PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2006 9:06 pm    Post subject: Emela-ntouka Reply with quote

Little is known about the cryptid called the emela-ntouka, also sometimes known as the "chipekwe" or "irizima", a theorized animal that kills but doesn't eat elephants, lurks in the Congo and is feared immensely by the natives who share its territory. Its name means "killer of the elephants" in the Lingala language.

Physical description
The emela-ntouka is thought to be around the size of an African elephant, slimy green, brown, or gray in colour, having a long crocodile tail, and of similar shape and appearance to a rhinoceros including one long ivory horn on its snout. Keeping its massive bulky body above ground level likely requires four short, stump-like legs, and it is assumed to have a set of long, sharp teeth, as it has been reported to battle elephants and kill natives.

This cryptid is thought to mainly inhabit the vast shallow waters in the Likouala swamp. Very rarely has the Emela-Notouka been observed in herds or groups; they are thought to be lone "hunters". Or perhaps it should be said, lone herbivores, since almost every theory about their identity points to their being something herbivorous. Cryptozoologists say[citation needed] that, in all likelyhood, their tendency to kill elephants is an issue of food competition. It is supposedly semi-amphibious.

The first rational explanation that jumps to mind after reading the description of the emela-ntouka is a rhinoceros, and one theory is that the emela-ntouka is a surving prehistoric giant rhinoceros that evolved to be semi-aquatic. Problems with this theory include the fact that the emela-ntouka is said to have a horn made of ivory, rather than a horn made of keratin (hair) as in the rhinoceros. Other points to contradict this theory are the reports of the emela-ntouka having a large reptilian tail, which is not a feature of any sort of known rhinoceros.

Another slightly more popular theory is that the mysterious monster is in fact a surviving ceratopsian. Proponents of this theory believe that the Congo is home to many prehistoric animals, including the Kongamato (a living pterosaur), the nandi bear (a living sabretooth cat, or possibly an extinct atlas bear), and the mokele mbembe (a sauropod dinosaur).
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