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The last two houses I've lived in have been haunted.
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 10:18 am    Post subject: The last two houses I've lived in have been haunted. Reply with quote

When I was little we moved to oxton and it really was a brilliant house, only problem is once I got older things began moving in my room a pair of gold studs went missing and I assumed I'd misplaced them,my granddad died shortly after my 8th birthday and after about a week or so found comfort in talking to a friend but my parents couldn't see this friend of mine though I remember very little of it if I'm honest, soon after my granddad had passed away we moved house to Bebington. I have to admit the house smelt, the carpets where old and outdated and strongly smelt. Once my parents began redecorating I could see obvious signs of someone else living there (this was when I hit 12/13 they redecorated again) I saw "Steven was ere'" stuff like that scratched into the doors and again my jewellery would either be missing or neatly laid out, my parents never really came into my room and a very strong smell of lavender would be just in my room. Then people who visited would see a woman elderly going into the kitchen where our living room is the hall leads directly to the kitchen and everyone including our dog was in the living room with us my dad got up and checked no-one was there, this happened countless times, I'd see her when I was watching TV or playing with my dog and the smell in my room was always lavender though we had none in the house or anything that smelt like it. We eventually found some history a woman had died on her way in the kitchen but there was also someone on the stairs as well, my mums friend said someone pinched her and smelt smoke. We didn't have anymore activity from the person on the stairs but the woman who kept going into the kitchen became more clear, olive green cardigan, a long skirt and a pale blue mug in hand. every night she would go into the kitchen and it made me really sad so I began talking to her in my room, it was her who was organising my jewellery and hiding things, so I asked for them back politely which I did get them back. I remember having a terrible dream one night and felt someone sit on my bed and soothing my hair like my mum used to though sleepy as I was I opened my eyes and saw the woman who I have come to call Pam I was a bit scared but heard a "shhh shhh its alright I'm nice" From then on I thought nothing of Pam being in my room I spoke to her even if I couldn't see her. Except other things happened, the attic door opened slamming into the door frame inches above my head almost smashing into me and it had been bolted shut, the bolt was still intact when I checked on the hatch and the attic opening, I felt sick and uneasy being alone in the house this was a few years later, I constantly had bad dreams, was sleep walking and had strange bruises on my arms and then it all just stopped and I didn't see Pam anymore. I did ask her to sit with me again one day and I felt the bed dip two nights later I asked Pam where she'd gone and I just felt sick like something was wrong, I ended up screaming the place down after something grabbed was not Pam, nothing else happened except for Pam filling my room with lavender smell again thats how I knew something was very wrong Pam always smelt of lavender. I have since left home but I do miss Pam and yes I was scared most of the time but I grew very fond of her after living in the house for 12 years.
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